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Our yacht ANIMA MARIS was built in 2008 and recently, beginning 2023, given a full COMPLETE make-over. You cruise the Adriatic Seas in style, while enjoying the French and Italian unique design and luxurious yacht finishes.

Our yacht has 1.000 HP engines, which allows us to reach a maximum speed of 35 knots, our cruising speed of 14 >< 16 knots is particularly high for a yacht of this type. The trimmers and flaps enable us to sail even through heavy seas

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We welcome on board 2 -4 – or 6 adult persons and with 2 children up to a maximum of 8 people for overnight stay & sleep.

Daytrips can go up to 12 people !

Our prices are based on full occupancy of our yacht.

So join us with your family, friends or business relations, and enjoy an unexpected luxurious and relaxing break in style.

There is NOTHING you need to do. Just bring your clothes & swimming costume and NOTHING else.


We sail in style to various beautiful locations, bays, beaches and romantic small typical local villages, markets and restaurants.

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